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$ input, string, ' now', String in a format accepted by, defaults to " now". Páteřní léčba ryazanych. Public static function modal( $ selector= ' a. I copied the list form field code and changed it accordingly, so I have 2 functions: getInput( ) ; getOptions( ) which you. $ format, string, null, format. I had to do the same thing. You can find the Bootstrap files in the JUI ( Joomla User Interface). Modal', $ params = array( ) ) { static $ modals; static $ included; $ document = & JFactory: : getDocument( ) ;. Parameter, Type, Default, Description. If you have an older version of Joomla!
Or VirtueMart or PHP please check the compatibility section to find the version of VirtueMart Essentials. You just need to add the following JHtml static method at the top of your.

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